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Coronavirus Relief Fund by GlobalGiving

The fight to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic requires the best of humanity. This crisis shows no discrimination and has reached the far corners of the earth. We need your help to build stronger response capacities in communities around the world to defeat COVID-19. Your contribution will aid in this global effort and you can stay informed on how your donation has been put to use with regular email updates from GlobalGiving.

Show Your Support

Join your global community to light up New York City’s iconic buildings in real time and support immediate and long-term relief of COVID-19 through GlobalGiving.

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One Bryant Park
Manhattan, New York City
One Five One West 42
Manhattan, New York City
One World Trade Center
Manhattan, New York City

How can I participate?

  1. Scan the QR below with your phone
  2. Make a donation to Coronavirus Relief Fund
  3. Enter into the queue for your moment to light up the sky
  4. When it's your turn, tap the Spireworks color controller on your phone to light up the spires in real time. Enjoy your creation on the Live Stream above.

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What is Spireworks?

Spireworks is a powerful tool for innovative social giving. As the world’s only real-time architectural interactive lighting platform, Spireworks has created memorable experiences while raising awareness and donations around important global causes and initiatives.