Spireworks is an engagement platform for the world's most iconic architectural lighting.
An urban scale real-time interactive lighting experience via our mobile application.
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" An open system to share in moments of discovery
play, and next generation civic engagement."


The sky is the limit

Spireworks has collaborated with a range of partners to bring deeper meaning
and a sense of connection and play to the city skyline.

The city’s most recognizable spires
Real time interactions
A range of different colors & effects
Custom events and live activations
Accept donations for causes
API Enabled

Over 1,832 special lighting events to date

Ferrari 70th Anniversary

National Parks Service Centennial


The Spireworks Experience

Use your mobile phone to control the lights colors in real-
time before your eyes. Spireworks has limited membership
access to ensure a high quality experience for its
participants. If you are interested in gaining access to the
Spireworks platform click below to submit your request.

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In 2020, Spireworks opened its interactive lighting and donation platform to the entire globe, announcing Spireworks Live, allowing users to donate money to the Coronavirus Relief Fund and control the iconic building lights of New York City safely from the comfort of their own home. Now, everyone and anyone around the world can play, discover, and take action, at a distance.
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Spireworks works with charitable organizations and brands from all around the world, creating memorable experiences while raising awareness and donations for important causes including:

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